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Custom Latex Foam Products

One of our areas of expertise is foam. There are various grades and qualities of foam. Our years of experience will ensure that we will guide you to pick the best product for your particular sleep needs and requirements.

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Once foam reaches a heaviness of two-pounds per cubic foot, the manufacturer needs to use a better polymer to make any difference in the foam’s longevity. With foam, the weight and length of use is determined by pounds of foam per cubic foot. One-pound foam may last 60 nights of adult use, whereas the two-pound foam will last 5-7 years of adult every-night use. When you have heavy foam, a soft compression will have the same length of wear as heavy foam with an extra firm compression.


Latex Foam Advantages

In addition to providing you with a good night’s sleep, foam is lower in cost compared to all other options. So whether you are looking for a new bed for your toddler, sending a young person away to university, setting up a guest bedroom or simply replacing your current bed, foam is the best solution to all your sleeping needs.

At FDY Furniture & Interior Design Inc. we have a wide range of foam materials to create your dream bed. We have a large selection of materials from Memory, Natural Latex, Duron and can customize any combination of these products to create a one of a kind product suited to your specific requirements. Whether you desire a super soft, soft, medium, firm, extra firm bed or want a light, medium, or high density of foam we will assist you in finding the right fit for all your sleeping needs.

Custom Sizes and Shapes

We have the ability to create whatever type of foam mattress you can dream up. Discount Foam can be customized to fit your current bed, or we can provide you with one of our quality Canadian made pine beds to support the mattress. In addition to bunk beds for the kids, we offer frames in twin, double, queen, king or custom sizes. Many of our mattresses come with warranties starting from 5 to 10 years.

Memory Foam Toppers

FDY carries several lines of premade and custom memory foam mattress toppers. read more about mattress toppers

FDY is Your Edmonton Mattress Manufacturer

  • Custom Foam Mattresses
  • Standard Foam Mattresses (Available in Single, Double, Queen, King)
  • Natural Latex Mattresses (Fair Trade Rubber)
  • Memory Foam (Available in Single, Double, Queen, King)
  • Custom Size Mattresses (IKEA-size replacements, waterbed replacements and home built frames)
  • Custom Shape Mattresses (Boat Cushions, V-Berths and Cabin Size)
  • Guest Beds
  • Hide-a-Beds
  • Fold-a-Beds
  • Convoluted Foam Mattress Toppers (Egg Crate Mattress Toppers,)
  • Memory Foam Toppers
  • Natural Latex Foam Mattress Toppers
  • Flat Toppers
  • Crib Mattresses
  • Daycare Mats

Visit our Edmonton store and showroom today for more information on all of our foam mattresses and products, and speak with one of our professional consultants about finding a customized sleep solution that works for your unique sleeping needs.

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